I’m Back

I have been gone for a while. My computer died. I finally fixed it. Life has been busy. I have been knitting away. I haven’t finished a project in a while. I’m working on a blanket for my daughter, gloves, and a sock. Here are some pictures and tidbits of my projects.


This is Kidsilk Haze Cowl. I used Knitpicks Aloft. I love it. It’s so beautiful. It’s light. I made a few mistakes but you can’t tell because it’s wrapped. I am so pleased with how it turned out. It’s the first project I will be proud to wear. I thought it was a basic pattern. It didn’t require a lot of skill. At the end, I learned the Kitchener stitch. I am so impressed with how well I did. There was a little swearing at the beginning. I think that stitch will come in handy going forward.

1150882_459102290855502_496268311_n 1264613_466143290151402_1249330189_o

This is the bane of my existence. This is called Pretty Punk Blanket. I am using¬†Caron Simple Soft. This blanket is a bear. It’s stupid simple but the stockinette stitch is maddening. I promised I would make my son one as well. I am going to double-knit his so I don’t have to put a liner on it. I think I’m going to alter the pattern. Maybe knit it in one big piece as opposed to 5 strips. I haven’t worked it out, yet. I’ll finish what I started before jumping into that.


This is my sock. I do not have a pattern. I am following an instructional guide a friend gave me. It is beautiful and wrong. I’m debating on frogging it and starting over. I have knitted a lot more than the picture shows. I’m to the heel flap. I don’t know if I want to frog it and start over.