Here’s a little dice bag I made. I changed the pattern a little bit. I only casted on 30 stitches and knitted 40 rows. It was for Colby’s toys so I didn’t need it that big.

I love making bags. I like how quick they knit up. I haven’t made any with a complicated pattern, yet. I love knitting with dpns. I like the rhythm of it. My favorite part of knitting a bag is closing it up.

I have very little closure in my life. My life is so crazy all the time. I feel like so many things get left undone. When I knit bags, it reminds me of all of the loose ends I have out there. I’m always running around trying to seal everything up. It never happens because the other people in my life tear it open or prevent me from finishing what I have started. It’s exhausting. I always feel like I’m failing because of it.

Knitting a bag allows me to tie those knit ends up. My life may always be in disarray but knitting allows me to have that sense of closure. I can slowly close up those ends I’ve left behind. So far no one has come behind me and unknitted what I closed up.

My life will probably never close up nice and tight like my knitting. I will have to figure out ways around that. At least with knitting, I can feel like I’m doing something constructive, even if it just benefits my psyche.


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