I have been avoiding my paper by shopping for yarn.  I want to make a cardigan. The pattern says you need a light weight or lace wieght yarn. My LYS isn’t very far but I don’t have a car. I’m going to visit there befoe I buy yarn online.

I have my eye on Aloft from Knitpicks. It looks soft enough to make a beautiful cardigan. I just want to buy a roll to run my fingers over it.

The other yarn I was looking at was Universal Yarn Star Light from Webs. This one is sparkly. The only issue with this yarn is it has a limited amount available.

My biggest hurdle is buying enough yarn to make the cardigan. It would cost $25 or so to buy the Aloft and $30 or so to buy the Universal. It doesn’t seem like a lot to spend but I don’t spend that much on the clothes I buy for myself. It would mean I would have to rationalize spending money on myself to make something I like. It’s really hard to do that when I know how much needs to be done in this house.
I start my new job tomorrow. It would be really nice to buy the Aloft because it looks so soft. I think I would really enjoy knitting with it. We’ll see what I decide. Maybe something at the LYS will catch my eye.

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