I had the bright idea to knit a baby blanket for one of my clients. Last night, I spent 3 hours knitting one row. I couldn’t get it right to save my life. I learned how to put a lifeline in. I also learned that some patterns require stitch markers. Your eyes start to go buggy after a few hours of staring at the same thing.

Knitting teaches you patience. We spend most of our lives rushing through to complete our tasks. When you are knitting you cannot rush. If you rush, you make mistakes and have to start again. Knitting requires you to slow down, take a breath, and think about what you are doing. This is a great lesson to apply to our every day lives. Slow down. Take in the moment and digest what you are doing.

I do have hours of homework to do. I have no interest to sit and learn statistics when I can sit still and knit. When I knit my mind clears and I can focus. I can slow down for a quick second and be with my yarn. When I study, I am rushed. I have to learn everything quickly. I’m not really sure I am actually learning anything. School makes my brain foggy and tired. It’s such a contrast to who I want to be.


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